FBE Legal Group is a pre-eminent law firm that focuses on general practice and litigation. The attorneys and legal professionals at FBE Legal Group assist individuals, small companies, and large corporations with all types of legal matters and challenges.

Diverse Legal Focus

Legal problems are not limited to just a single law focus, and neither are we. Attorneys can meet your legal needs anywhere those needs may arise. With a diverse legal focus, FBE addresses a wide range of legal concerns, including some of these:

  • Family law matters, including pre-nuptial agreements, separation, divorce, protective orders, spousal support, child custody, child support, adoptions, guardianships, and adoptions
  • Estate and trust planning 
  • Estate and trust litigation
  • Complex contracts and contractual disputes
    Personal injury claims, including motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, product liability claims, and other accidents
  • Professional negligence and malpractice
  • Insurance disputes
  • Civil rights violations 
  • Employment discrimination
  • Employment contracts, including non-compete agreements 
  • Wage disputes
  • Criminal defense, such as DUIs, white collar crime, and a variety of other criminal charges

Since our clients come from all walks of life, we are prepared to take on your uniques legal matters. FBE attorneys can meet your legal needs anywhere, and at any time, those needs may arise.


Most people need experienced and capable legal help at some time in their lives. The law can be extremely complicated. So, it’s critical to get the best advice you can. FBE provides help for everyday legal problems. We want to help you get the right advice.

Most people resolve minor legal issues – such as traffic offenses or parking fines – without professional advice. However, it is a cornerstone of the justice system that everyone should get professional legal advice when they are in need, regardless of wealth or status.

Small Business and Large Corporate Counsel

FBE offers business counsel to both small entrepreneurs and large companies. Today, many businesses and companies are faced with legal matters in need of legal advocates, but too many companies today cannot afford in-house counsel. That is where FBE comes in. 

We are there for you when you need review, evaluation, and assistance with drafting documents and contracts, handling employment matters, and much more. As such, FBE is not part of your overhead when you do not need our legal services.

Call Us First

We invite you to consult with JBE Legal Group before going elsewhere regarding the circumstances of your legal concern. If we can’t handle a specific law focus completely, we’ll call in or put you in touch with the legal professionals who can. We are in the business of best serving our clients through the best possible means.

Of all the law firms you have to choose from, we hope you’ll use us to act as your local counsel. We invite you to talk with us about your unique needs. We’d want to get to know you so we can serve you through the many stages of your personal and business life. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation.