When it comes to your family and loved ones, dealing with a legal issue can be an especially challenging, emotional, and exhausting experience. Our experienced attorneys at FBE Legal Group strive to obtain the most favorable outcome for you and your family. We strive to manage your legal needs in an understanding and compassionate manner.

No matter how complex your family law issues are, we aim to place our full attention on the things that concern you the most. At FBE Legal Group, our job is to lift the burden and weight of confusion and uncertainty off your mind and shoulders. We aim to provide clear and concise advice and innovative solutions. From the very onset of each legal matter, we strategize a custom plan to help you navigate the uncharted and complicated waters to find optimal results.

Divorce Attorneys

If you and your partner may have decided that your marriage is unsalvageable and that legal separation or divorce is the only option.  FBE Legal Group can help. Our compassionate and understanding attorneys know that divorce can be messy, emotionally taxing, time-consuming, and complicated. It brings with it significant and serious long-term impacts, that affect all parties involved, both emotionally and financially. When you hire a lawyer with experience in family law, you want an experienced and compassionate attorney that can help you make sound choices, simplify the complicated legal process, and provide the steady support you need to get through it with as little harm and detriment to you and your family as possible.  

We’ll take you through a roadmap of what the divorce or legal separation process, including matters such as these, might look like:

  • Separation
  • Filing a separation or divorce petition
  • Notifying your the spouse
  • Advocacy in interim hearing(s)
  • Contractual agreements
  • Mediation
  • Trial
  • Settlement

Child Support and Custody Attorney

Child custody disputes are not a legal matter limited to divorcing spouses. Child custody can also involve biological unmarried parents, grandparents, and even sometimes other extended family. Establishing and maintaining a safe and stable living environment and reasonable custody schedule that meets the needs of a child or children can quickly become an emotional, complex, time-consuming, and financially costly endeavor. At FBE Legal Group, we strive to offer our clients a resolution-focused approach. Our attorneys strive to make your experience less complicated and help you achieve your goals. We don’t want to see families in painful circumstances.

Thus, we are here to help protect your rights and the wellbeing of your youngsters. Having an experienced child custody lawyer can help you better prepare for mediation or trial, if it comes to that. Your attorney aims to provide the perspective and experience that allows you best to evaluate the way to put your children’s interests first. We want you to be prepared for complicated issues. Your attorney should be seasoned and confident in the courtroom. An experienced custody lawyer will allow you to navigate the child custody and support process with a clear understanding. Consult with us at FBE Law Group. One of our knowledgeable family law attorneys will review and discuss your options with you and provide the tailored advice and quality representation you deserve. Set up a consultation today.