Determining When You Need To Work With a Lawyer

Determining When You Need To Work With a Lawyer

After an accident that left you suffering from injuries, you may be wondering if this is something you can handle on your own or if you need the help of a personal injury attorney. This is understandable, because you may not want to go through the legal hassle if your injuries are minor. However, if you are going to speak with an insurance agent, having the help of a local attorney may be beneficial to you so that you do not settle for an offer that is too low. Below, you can find out more information on when it may be worth speaking with an attorney about a personal injury claim.

You Have Long-Term Injuries

If you are dealing with injuries that will be around for the long haul or that may lead to permanent damage, this may be a good time to find legal assistance. Personal injury claims can become more complicated when you are dealing with permanent injuries because you may not be sure of how much you will need for future doctor’s appointments, medication, or physical therapy. 

Your Injuries Were Severe

Just because your injuries are not permanent does not mean that you do not need higher compensation. Severe injuries like brain injuries, burns, and internal bleeding need to be helped immediately. These kinds of injuries could result in hospital stays, rehabilitation, and plastic surgery. These treatments can be very expensive and settling for a low amount may not cover all of these medical expenses. An attorney can help you gather all the necessary information needed to understand your past, present, and future medical expenses so that you know what your claim is worth.

You Already Have a Denied Claim 

If you have reached out to the other party’s insurance company and they have denied your claim, you may be interested in seeing how an attorney can help appeal this denied claim. Often, insurance companies hope that by denying your claim you will drop it and move on. However, many claim appeals are successful and an attorney will know when an appeal might be most successful. Having legal assistance can help you when you are tempted to work with your own insurance or pay out of pocket even though someone else was responsible for your injuries. 

If you are considering speaking with a local attorney, like a San Francisco, California personal injury lawyer from a law firm like The Morales Law Firm, reach out to one today.